Mansions Of Madness: Playthroughs and review.

Spoilers: Only sort of… last week we played through the first Mansions of Madness scenario, The Fall of House Lynch. There are 12 possible permutations of this scenario: three choices of Objectives, with two choices of where Edith… Read More

New Boardgames and Hybrid Board Games.

Last Friday Carol reported a bonanza of legit board games that came through Goodwill and after calling me up and letting me know what was there, I directed her to buy as much of it as I thought… Read More

Some games that aren’t all about murdering everyone. No, they mostly are.

I’m still working on a recap of the complicated situation the Echo Wood crew finds themselves in. In the meantime: brief notes of games I’ve enjoyed recently. FarCry4, I wish they’d never stop making these. In fact, I… Read More

Weekend Away Report

Update Courtesy of JC.   A couple of weeks ago the “Magnificent 7” packed up and headed into the hills to our secluded, and (nearly) child / wife / partner / gimp proof retreat. With 3 full days and nights to… Read More

Dungeon Fighter testing.

Yesterday was a pretty great day.   First, I passed a kidney stone that was so large that it made the technician whose job it is to collect kidney stone samples from people say “Wow, that had to… Read More

Steve Jackson Quickies

As long as we’re discussing our Chrisnukwanzakah presents, the missus gave me Zombie Dice and it’s been an excellent time-waster. It consists of a cup and 13 six-sided dice (and really the cup is optional). You’re a zombie… Read More

Xmas Haul

I don’t know about everybody else, but I presented my mom with a bunch of options for some board and card games I was interested in playing as good Christmas presents. I figured since they were coming here… Read More