Castaway Diary, day 35 and 36.

We were gastronomically blessed by Jokes who brought us Pineapple Upside Down Cake instead of her husband, who was gastrointestinally cursed. Rolland – hope you are feeling better, wherever in the world you are. You get 865xp for… Read More

Why I’m right and Mike is wrong.

No update this week because they are still in the middle of a fight. Speaking of which… We got into an argument about whether Uun could draw a Longspear from an Efficient Quiver while climbing. The Efficient Quiver… Read More

Castaway Diary, days 34 and 35.

This session was a bunch of fun, even though there wasn’t much (but some) adventuring/combat turn/pc-vs-an unfriendly world. Instead, like last session, it was mostly setting the scene for what is to come. Which, involves 20% me describing… Read More

Castaway Diary , days 32, 33 and 34.

Okay, second attempt. There is a lot of text here and I hope I’m faithfully recounting the events as they transpired. Someone pipe up if they think I’m off and we’ll resolve what actually went down. It’s way… Read More


Goddamn it. I had this mostly written out when my laptop died on me. This is bad news because A) my recap was rich in local colour and B) I use that laptop to look up rules, sometimes…. Read More

Eleder Shopping

To save game time, here is the shopping information for Eleder:   It is a small, but bustling trading city of 9000 inhabitants; it is the capital of Sargava and its second largest city. The inhabitants are used… Read More