Echo Wood: Accursed Halls Completed… sort of.. TL;DR edition

Okay, this TL;DR is working well for how much time I have… Cyrus organized help for the Frastons to get the apple harvest in. It took a lot of convincing, these are not community minded people. Cyrus, Bam… Read More

Echo Wood: The Accursed Halls, TL;DR Summary

Okay, not enough time to go into everything that went on the past two weeks, but I’ve got to write something otherwise what will everyone check when we are waiting for the food to arrive? The party has… Read More

Kickstarter for This House is Haunted

Some friends of mine have created a new card game and are funding its production with a Kickstarter campaign. From the page: THIS HOUSE IS HAUNTED is a new silly and spooky exploration-based card game where you use… Read More