Dark Heresy

I’ve been whiling away the idle hour reading over Dark Heresy pdfs.   Actually, funny story, I’ve been doing this for about two weeks, since I finished the last Dan Abnett Inquisitor novel: today, while browsing the PDF… Read More

Sucks to be you,.. damn, no, sucks to be us,.. no, wait, just you.

I’m not sure of the old price differential, but checking out the new Finecast prices was interesting. 10.50 for an Eldar Shadowseer in the UK, but $18.25 (+sales tax) in the US. Given the current exchange rate –… Read More

Woe to you, Oh Earth and Sea…

I hope that after reading the name of this post you will have “The Number of the Beast” stuck in your head.

Do you have it stuck in your head now?