Not your grandfather’s Red Gore.

Of all the things I’ve missed since our kid was born two years ago, I was surprised by how much I missed painting. I wasn’t particularly on a tear when Fi was born anyway, having ground to a… Read More

Custom stand-ins

Rushing to get these done as well as finish the NPC miniatures for 6 castaways…   I’m pretty happy with how the Tengu worked. If anyone wants a customized was-rat-now-crow-person I think I could do a decent job… Read More

Miniature Bonus

Get it? It’s a small bonus. For miniatures.   Your mileage with this project may vary – it is entirely optional. It isn’t going to radically give someone a leg up over anyone else, but it does reward… Read More

Painting, remember painting?

I haven’t managed to paint anything for ages, maybe because it is easier to leave the game stuff out on Thursday, over to Friday and Saturday. Now that we’ve switched to Tuesday, I really have to put that… Read More

The Acts of The Lords of Rannick, LXX

In the module background, the above picture is provided as a situation indicative of the perils of climbing through the Kodar Mountains on your way to Xin Shalast. After last night’s successful negotiation of what history may record… Read More

The Acts of the Lords of Rannick, XLIX

Ruling on the field re: Albedon’s spell critical is overturned. The spell went off successfully, so the critical, whatever it was happens. So chin up gang, maybe you’ll send him forward in time to a place when you… Read More

Woodland friends

Today I finally decided to break my streak of not painting any miniatures ever by undertaking a really, really simple project for Pathfinder. I wanted to bench Lonny for the next , and some of the stuff Rhoswen… Read More