Reviews and Previews: Jamaica/Photosynthesis/Adventure.exe/Cpt. Sonar/Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate/Rising Sun

Okay, with Jonathan and Steven’s visit we went full-bore games shopping for some likely additions to our respective catalogues. Some I can review (along with a podcast), some I can preview, but keep in mind that I tend… Read More

New Boardgames and Hybrid Board Games.

Last Friday Carol reported a bonanza of legit board games that came through Goodwill and after calling me up and letting me know what was there, I directed her to buy as much of it as I thought… Read More

My things, let me show them to you.

A couple of things that I think are great and don’t have to be cluttering up any place other than this one:  

…now for something completely different…

I admire RPGs that attempt to rework what a roleplaying game might be. I admire them, I do not enjoy them. Like long distance athletics events; if someone breaks a record or makes a particularly spirited attempt… well… Read More

Hey now, targeted marketing…

  Well, at least it isn’t that Japanese chick asking me to “make love against the darkness”.

The Unseen Academicals

I don’t think anyone has ever done a book review on here, and this isn’t so much a book review as it is an exhortation to treasure something before it is gone: specifically, Terry Pratchett. I picked up Unseen Academicals… Read More

I’ve found the least useful Dragon Shout in all of Skyrim.

This is what I make when I’m waiting to play Skyrim.

Virtual Battletech

When I was talking about Battletech the other day I forgot to mention that there’s a free Java-based virtual Battletech game that we can all play. Megamek is something I’ve played on and off for years, but I… Read More

How about the 31st century?

I’ve been slacking on painting the three armies I’ve got between Warmachine and 40k. I feel like I’ve only got a handful of really detailed single or small squad minis to paint, or dozens of really simple things… Read More