Echo Wood: The Accursed Halls, TL;DR Summary

Okay, not enough time to go into everything that went on the past two weeks, but I’ve got to write something otherwise what will everyone check when we are waiting for the food to arrive?

  • The party has now successfully been in every room of The Accursed Halls, with the exception of whatever lies beyond the Door of Seven Stars. The last few rooms they were in were searched, but there are few mild mysteries like the statuary and the source of the magic that keeps a lot of the things in there going.
  • There’s at least one extant enemy – the Shadow they weren’t able to touch.
  • The Door of Seven Stars remains closed and no-one has fucked with it. Apparently Jharun, some hotshot member of the Goldenfire Order a wizardly order based in Thornkeep, had an idea of how it might work;, but he went off to Fort Inevitable because he thought the Emerald Spire might have something to do with the Do7S.
  • Three factions in Thornkeep are likely interested in the party’s delving: a) the Brambleclaw Goblins, of whom a great many were killed inside the Halls. b) whichever shady outfit sent three bravos to keep an eye on the party after they returned to the Halls and seems to think the party is wealthy enough to pay their Safety Tax. c) Rozimus of Tymon, who was supposed to be down there delving himself with his party.
  • After visiting the Blue Basilisk Mercenary Company headquarters, they a) turned in Garhal Silvercrown’s signet ring for the reward and b) made inquiries as to becoming part of the Blue Basilisk Merc Co – It pays 2gp a day when you are on a job, you get a tabard and the prestige of the Blue Basilisks. You have to abide by their rules, be able to take orders and make them money.
  • The other missing person – teenage maybe-runaway Adelind Fraston, has not been found. However Cyrus has put in a bunch of work at the Fraston Orchard, to help the family in this difficult time.
  • Bam has an agreement with the barman of the Thirsty Ogre to pep up some of his booze.

Is that everything? I think that’s everything.