Thornkeep’s Supply of Magic Items

Okay, here are all the magic things currently up for sale in Thornkeep. There’s a weird absence of middle-ground stuff, only cheap stuff and blow your socks off stuff. Spellcasting is available to 4th level Spells.

Scrolls available from the Goldenfire Order:

150gp: 2nd Spectral Hand, CL3 (Sor)
150gp: 2nd Bull’s Strength, CL3 (Dru)
25gp: 1st Sun Metal, CL1 (Cle)
375gp: 3rd Dispel Magic CL5 (Sor)

Miscellaneous from the Goldenfire Order:

2000gp: Ring of Protection +1
16,000gp: Belt of Giant Strength +4
8100gp: Necklace of Fireballs VI
14,400gp: Vambraces of the Genie (Efreeti)

Potions available from Brishtargera Greenbottle, Thornkeep’s Alchemist:

300gp: Delay Poison
50gp: Magic Stone (Oil)

Gear available from the Hunter’s Lodge:

2500gp: Eyes of the Eagle
3500gp: Stonemist Cloak

Gear from Keeper Idara at the House of the River Lord:

7200gp: Staff of Blessed Relief

Gear from the Wolfmane Encampment

18,308gp: +3 Glaive (Sheds Light, although you could hire… like a bajillion dudes with torches for that).

2 Comments on “Thornkeep’s Supply of Magic Items

  1. I think I came across your blog last wednesdey looking for images to hand out to players in my Echo Wood campaign… Since then I’ve been avidly consuming it, reading posts since the Rise of the Runelords campaing and I’m deeply and throughly…. flabbergasted!!!

    The deeds of your group and the style of your recaps (even in the short glimpses of the TL;DR posts) are really amazing!!

    Cheers from Italy, and keep up the adventuring!!

    • Grazie! I think the blog has been a really useful tool for me to remember what I’m doing. I don’t have as much time to update and recap our game sessions these days, but it can certainly help cut down on bookkeeping and gives me a place to share images that can either set a mood, establish a reference or explain a situation a little better. I anticipate doing a better job of keeping updated. Which reminds me I have to get busy with the recap of the last session…