Pathfinder MMO

It looks like Paizo has a spin off company called Goblinworks that is developing a Pathfinder MMO. This seems like a good, albeit risky, way for them to expand their brand and compete with Wizards/Hasbro. I’ve never played… Read More

I’ve found the least useful Dragon Shout in all of Skyrim.

This is what I make when I’m waiting to play Skyrim.

Meet the Blodvins

Despite spending numerous allowances and Subway paychecks keeping TSR solvent I didn’t actually play a lot of D&D back in my youth. In high school I only had one regular group and it was regular in the way… Read More

The Acts of The Lords of Rannick, XLI

We stopped play last week, pretty much as the Jotunblood’s head hit the floor. Picking up from that, I wasn’t sure where any of this stuff would go. None of the following stuff was planned for in the… Read More

The Acts of the Lords of Rannick, XL

Uh, so, we played a game last week, right? It all seems so far away now… . A quick, not very detailed recap: . After rifling through Mokmurian’s corpse and belongings, the party settled down to a good… Read More


This isn’t quite a review of Skyrim, there are better ones out there that you should read. But this is what I think of Skyrim and also an explanation for why the last gaming session’s recap hasn’t been… Read More

To all the bosses you’ve slain before…

Paizo just released Paths of Corruption, detailing the Evil faiths of Golarion and on the cover was an old flame. Nualia, Lamashtu-worshipping Aasimar who orchestrated the raid on Sandpoint from her fortress inside Thistletop; the first boss you… Read More

The New Necron Codex

I am happy to report that the new Necron codex is not only the necessary shot in the arm to get my beleaguered robots back into steady game play, but I won’t need to drop $500 updating my… Read More

The Acts of The Lords of Rannick, XXXIX

Although there was only one fight last night, it didn’t half move the plot along. After slogging through the Fortress of the Stone Giants at a slow, but impressively inexorable, pace the story finally moved along, albeit right… Read More