The Acts of the Lords of Rannick, LVIII

We didn’t finish the fight this week, so we’re going to roll straight into it next week. Thanks everyone who tried and reviewed a Spamball for me.

Reginald Kenneth Dwight strikes back!

I’ll see your Bryan-May-Poodle-Perm visits an abattoir and raise you… There are more skulls in that than you’d imagine for an Elton John album cover…

Your Move Elton John

Everything I remember about this album cover is wrong but as it turns out it’s way better than I remembered.

WTFConan, Arradin and how someone else did the raid on Sandpoint.

Today’s WTF D&D is a run through of one of the Conan modules that TSR came out with and is as entertaining as always. This is Arradin: Just so we all remember what she looks like… And this… Read More

Meet Ron Towin

Okay… Ron’s painted. Backstory on Ron is that he was a wandering monk who’d been taught the Drunken Fist and Quarterstaff Master styles before his monastery was wiped out (like all of them always are). He managed to… Read More

The Acts of The Lords of Rannick, LVII

Good grief, I only just started paying attention to the numbers at the end of those titles and was shocked that it was 57 sessions ago that I started writing these up. Which made me check when we… Read More

The Acts of the Lords of Rannick, LVI

When I came downstairs this morning, there wasn’t nearly as much Bourbon in that bottle as I thought there was going to be… so, um, bear with me here. Tersplink rejoined the party as they discovered the body… Read More

The Acts of The Lords of Rannick, LV

Before you all left last night, I should have asked where you wanted to go next, because these maps and encounters are all quite different and take a bit of set up. For that reason, I’ll tell you… Read More