Space to fill

We did a bit of galaxy-building for The Stars Are Fire in preparation for our Sunday night games finally getting offline. Fuck all this technology, let’s play some sci-fi! We’re using their Revel setting, a near-future… well 300… Read More

cartoon minotaur

All Hat, No Cattle

When Jen’s phone light fell on the form of a large, muscular, bare-chested man with a bull’s head, you might think she stumbled into a cut scene from Eyes Wide Shut, but you’d be wrong. Like, really wrong…. Read More

Be Vewy Qwiet, We’ew Hunting Monstews

Things have taken a turn of the Supernatural/Buffy/X-Files variety as we waded into the Powered by the Apocalypse game Monster of the Week. Our group of monster hunters are as follows: Demington, The Chosen (played by Ben), is… Read More

It’s been a while…

Normally I’d have littered this blog with all of my gushing excitement over the next game I was about to run: and believe me, my excitement for Legend of The Five Rings is still torrential. But this whole… Read More

L5R: Family Matters

Welp, I’ve got plenty of time to sit around thinking about Legend of the Five Rings RPG now… After ingesting the fluff and checking out the game mechanics, I got into looking at what makes the characters work… Read More

Rokugan on my mind

Way back in 2018 I mentioned that I was excited about all the games that I was fixing to play or that were headed my way. I was VERY excited about The Stars Are Fire, because I was… Read More

Numenera 2: Out into the world.

Scene: The handsome man grabs the oversized metallic hand before the knife fingers can slash his throat. With a twist of his hips and a powerful yank, the arm detaches from the cybernetic humanoid who reels back in… Read More

Numenera 2: Art Inspiration

Bryce wanted me to check to see if the website migration had worked, so rather than get stuck into a recap that may never materialize, I thought I’d post a few links to art stuff that I’d been… Read More

Numenera 2: Meet the Crew

The character creation process in Numenera (both iterations) does a great job of providing prompts for character motivation and connections. In the last campaign most people picked those up and ran with them, while Bryce didn’t care too… Read More

Numenera 2: The Quiet Year of Lone Makhtesh

Before The Bright Ones came, the people of your community struggle to remember that they lived very different lives. They had their own communities, their own families and friends. They had their own trades and professions, religions and… Read More