Castaway Diary, Days 19 & 20

Substances that do crazy things to you are part and parcel of several RPGs. Call of Cthulhu has all sorts of dusts and serums that transport you through time or reveal previously hidden truths. SLA Industries uses drugs… Read More


Hi All I nearly crashed the car as I drove past the bus / train interchange at Lanark. Why? A new games store has opened! Yes a real physical store, with games! I duly pulled a hard u-turn,… Read More

Castaway Diary, Days 18 & 19

On deck, present and correct for the last session; Victor the Paladin, Nobody the Gunslinger, Uun the Barbarian, Orny the Warlock, Percy the Cleric and Malicia the Rogue. Okay, this memory is a week old, but I’m pretty… Read More

Noe’s Salsa

I’m posting on behalf of Noe, who had never set up an account on Dodecaheathens, but is an integral part of our Thursday nights, or at least the Thursday nights where a whole bunch of NPCs die. This… Read More