Hi All
I nearly crashed the car as I drove past the bus / train interchange at Lanark.
A new games store has opened! Yes a real physical store, with games!
I duly pulled a hard u-turn, parked illegally and immediately dived right in.
This was opening day and they had only been open for ~2 hours. The owner was busy being interviewed for a web cast.
So I got busy with a good browse through the good stock of various Board Games, RPGs, Table Tops, dice, modelling and scenery supplies.
They had two tables going with their own games and another for people to get any new purchases out and straight into service!!
With all this activity there was hardly any room to move it was so busy!
I honestly nearly cried.
This sort of thing only happens in the USA… Over there this is “normal”, so let me put this into perspective.
We have a tiny but pretty piss poor games store in Edinburgh.
We have an excellent very small store in Glasgow (but erratically open a few hours of some days) and a very pricey but decent sized combi gaming / comic store in Glasgow.
Other than that we largely have Games Workshop, who are very well stocked for selling stuff made by Games Workshop!
Scotland has a population of 5(ish) million. Lanark has a population of 14 odd thousand.
Lanark now has a games store I can walk to in ~12 mins any evening or weekend!!
It is great to be able to browse, get your hands onto some real merchandise and look over the box. Feel the weight, speak to other gamers.
There were other Lanark citizens similarly stunned. Two separate shoppers I overheard had stopped gaming 30 years ago. Both had armfuls of stuff!
When I did finally speak to the owner, he is just the right mix of friendly, informed, keen, geek. He cut his teeth at GW, so that may help him with commercial shrewdness. Thankfully he has lost their toe-curling BS sales patter.
I now will actually be able to SUPPORT a (my) LOCAL games store!! (Not Amazon).
Take a look: “Knightly Gaming” (on Facebook).

PS: Sorry if you already saw the same (but condensed version of this on FB…)

3 Comments on “I HAVE A LOCAL GAMES STORE!!!

  1. Excellent news! If you get in there and put on a Wings of Glory demo, you may get enough folk interested for the store to start getting in stuff. At least new releases…

    Support your local games store!

    • You have my six as they say! I had thought about that last night and now may just take the plunge and see what they think!!

      I checked his prices for my booty:

      Cthulhu Folklore: £15.30 – cheapest online (inc p&p): £15.89

      Cosmic Storm: £18.00 – cheapest online (inc p&p): £18.98
      (excluding amazon who are ~ £1.50 less but embargoed till 29/09/13)

      Another good reason to support my local games store!

  2. Enjoy your forthcoming barrels of fun. Now you’ll have to bring us weird things we can’t get when you come visit to claim your huge boxes full of stuff you can’t get.