In case you want to smell of straw and manure

My wife has a subscription to Bust, which is a sort of hipster feminist magazine.  I was surprised to find a full paged ad for this at the front of this months issue. This is hilarious to me… Read More

The Acts of the Lords of Rannick, XXVII

I’ve never put much thought into potential Total Party Kills, really because it is such a large group that there is a certain amount of redundancy in terms of hit points, people who can heal hit points and… Read More

House Rules for Pathfinder

I think it would be kind of helpful if I kept track of house rules. So I’m going to, here. If you think of any others, let me know and I’ll add them here. – Normally when you… Read More

The Acts of the Lords of Rannick, XXVI

Things to remember for next time: – It is 5.30pm when you get up from your disco nap to head down to the cave. – No-one in the party except Arradin can wear that full-plate armour competently and… Read More

This has been great painting weather

I’ve gotten more stuff painted in the last couple days while I hide in my basement from the awful, oppressive heat. This is the Reckoner. He might hit you with club, or he might shoot you with the… Read More

Warhammer 40k: Kill Team (the video game)

You XBox owners have seen this already, but there’s one of those modern Gauntlet-style shoot/beat ’em ups that just got released last week on XBox Live Arcade. I think it’s basically an advertisement for an upcoming Space Marine… Read More

The Acts of the Lords of Rannick, XXV

Thanks to Rolland for hosting last night – the rotisserie chicken was the bomb. I’m persuaded to look for one. Oscar was a champ too, despite all the hubbub going on downstairs he seemed to fall asleep decisively…. Read More

Here’s a picture of Gilbert.

This is totally not gaming related, but I needed to find a public way of hosting an image of Gilbert. I’m sharing it with my fellow employees at the Nerdery in hopes of finding him a home. *Sigh*… Read More


It took about a week of picking them up and putting them back down again, but I finally finished up my Protectorate Zealots. These guys are one of my favorite units in the faction by fluff and by… Read More

Support My Local Games Store.

Tower Games is being reorganised to be a bit leaner and a bit more profitable. So the owner is clearing out a bunch of stuff with a sale. Anyway, pretty much everything is 10% off, with some boardgames… Read More