In case you want to smell of straw and manure

My wife has a subscription to Bust, which is a sort of hipster feminist magazine.  I was surprised to find a full paged ad for this at the front of this months issue.

This is hilarious to me because it’s so out of place in a magazine about crafts and riot grrl bands and also because everyone knows the only d20 compatible scent is Cheeto Dust by Lays.

One Comment on “In case you want to smell of straw and manure

  1. That is… one of the weirdest ideas I’ve ever seen.

    That said, menthol cigarettes always take me back to 2nd Edition D&D with my Govan group and gun oil always makes me think of MERP in Jonathan’s room.

    I have a feeling that Chinese food and Zots will be the scent of pathfinder.

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