The Acts of the Lords of Rannick, IX

Wartle to Sanos Forest; Now with 100% more Unicorn. The only hopeful bit of information that the frightened townsfolk of Wartle could give the party before setting off was that a Druid named Devarre lived to the north,… Read More

First useful Pathfinder app I’ve found

I imagine there’s more good stuff you guys with iPhones can use, but there’s a pretty good application on the Android market called Spellbook – PF. It’s got the spell lists and information for all the Pathfinder stuff,… Read More

The Acts of the Lords of Rannick, VIII

This was a fun session. First of all we got back to actually roleplaying, rather than grinding through waves of Ogres. Nice to get out of the caves and have to interact with people. That isn’t easy to… Read More


I think the next thing I’ll paint (finish painting) is a techpriest who is also wearing red. I’m a lot happier with that red than the red on this Warrior-priestess of Sigmar. It was such a cool red… Read More

Blood Angels v. Space Wolves, 1850pt Ann.,Spear

So I was very happy to get a chance to play a list featuring my new Stormraven.  As I have learned from over 2 years of 40k experience, as exciting as it is to play a new model… Read More


Capsule Review of The Eagle: Pretty good, then kinda dull, then briefly but completely awful. On the upside; there were more infanticides in this movie than there were women with speaking parts. The highlight for me may have… Read More

The Acts of the Lords of Rannick, VII

Hook Mountain. Hook Mountain Massacre 3; The remassacring. Lonny, Corwyn, Dagfinn, Tersplink and Arradin left Baaz, Torgor and Kerplak guarding their retreat and ventured further up the one upper passage they hadn’t yet explored. It forked in two… Read More

FFS Tower Games

1) Hey Matt, any chance we could get a log in link on the main page? Thanks awfully. 2) See how easy that was to ask for something politely? That is because I know who is able to… Read More

Howdy Komrades!

So, our respective ladies were doing their book club last night, and Jim and I arranged to play a bit of warmachine while they did whatever it is that they do.  From what I can tell, that’s where… Read More

The hat isn’t on: he isn’t singing.

There is a lot going on here; stripes, tartan, buttons, spikes, scrimshawed bagpipe drones, red hair and one hell of a mustache. It took me a bit of willpower not to add any leopard print. Again the lighting… Read More