The Acts of the Lords of Rannick, XXIX

I was/am fairly tired, what with a post-vacation lethargy and Deus Ex induced insomnia (you know, in the dystopian future I’ll be able to get a neural implant that replaces my hypothalmic/adrenal axis and controls my cortisol filter… Read More

Warmachine Action 8.22.11

Overbo and I met in battle in the game only we play, but I thought I’d mention it on the blog since nothing else has been happening lately. We played a 25 point game High Executioner Reznik VERSUS… Read More

Me Gusta

They’re releasing a classy “leatherbound: edition of CoC. It looks cool. But I bet it will look cooler once you’ve kept it in brine for three weeks and then sun dried it and then let raccoons gnaw on… Read More

The Acts of The Lords of Rannick, XXVIII.

Most opponents that you face in the course of an adventure are kind fo busy with other stuff when they are encountered. When Longtooth killed Albedon, that was just gravy, because Longtooth was busy on a mission to… Read More