The Acts of the Lords of Rannick, LXIII

Okay, so after resting a bit and healing up after the fight with the dread wraiths, everybody was restored who needed to be restored. Which was good, because after a long deliberation about how much everyone did not want to go back into the Hall of Gluttony, they decided to leave Runeforge after a nap. Three runeforged weapons (two of which will apparently get through Karzoug’s defenses) is evidently enough for now for our party.
Alas, having opened the door to the Halls of Gluttony, they emboldened some of its inhabitants to venture forth. As they caught their nap before leaving Runeforge, six Mummies shambled out of the Halls of Gluttony to chase down the intruders. Mummies don’t move quickly, but they’re not crazy slow either, so they were on the three men as soon as Ron and Dagfinn could stand from their sleep. Coal-black with age, the Mummies constantly shed shiny beetles that fell from holes in the desiccated flesh and burst into little explosions of dust as they hit the ground.


Dagfinn was taken out of the equation for a few rounds as the aura of despair that the Mummies emit made him lose hope of ever… whatever it is Dagfinn hopes for, I guess. ┬áTo not lose his hair, I suspect. So it was left to Ron and Halvard to deal with them. The Mummies surrounded them, their backs to the entrance to the Hall of Wrath. Pounding them with their iron-dense arms, the Mummies were tough customers to damage. Halvard had some luck with his flame strike, but that was about as far as his luck went. Ron tried hauling the Mummies back from Dagfinn as they seemed most animated when attacking him, snarling a little.
Halvard eventually pulled Dagfinn back into the hallway, where the three of them could at least narrow the numbers down. Stepping into the Hallway of Wrath also started activating the spatial weirdness that had plagued the party every time they had to get down one of the damn things. Stepping in, the men failed to move into the Halls of Wrath, but the two of the Mummies succeeded, zipping through to the Hall of Wrath.
With the numbers in their favour now, the three men did better against their undead foe. Eventually they brough the last of the Mummies in the main hub down, Halvard having buffed the bejesus out of himself. Being a cleric hadn’t helped that much until then: Halvard being a Negative Energy channeler and Ron being a mostly-monk cleric.
The four Mummies in the hub vanquished, Halvard was loathe to relinquish his great buffs, so after healing himself as quickly as he could, he dashed through to the Hall of Wrath and single-handedly fucked those two confused Mummies up hard. It was an epic Conan moment, let me tell you… Under the vast mural of Alaznist Runelord of Wrath riding a freaking red dragon like it was a scene from Heavy Metal, Halvard, servant of Our Lord in Iron, struck down two 40,000 year old undead Mummies with his two-handed sword.

This should really be the kind of Compleat Adventurer that Halvard wins.

After that, everyone panicked. As they’d been beaten up by the Mummies, they were aware of the tomb contagion that the Mummies were passing on. It began manifesting itself after the fight as Ron and Dagfinn were both ravaged by the magical disease. Normally monks would laugh that stuff off, but Ron is a Drunken Master and all that hard drinking had messed up his monk gland. Or something. While infected Ron’s face didn’t wither away in front of anyone’s eyes the way Dagfinn’s did. There then followed what I believe TV people describe as a Medical Procedural Drama.

It's Sarcophagusidosis.

Eventually our crack team of medical experts figured out it was a magical disease but a curse prevented it from being cured. Doubling up on Remove Curse spells, they first lifted the curse and then cured the disease.
After that was resolved, the party, which had moved into the Halls of Wrath for safekeeping, left via the Rune Circle, opening a Gate to the entrance of Runeforge and stepping through to find all their treasure (originally The Mouth of Winter’s treasure but ownership had been transferred after his murder by the usual means (a gnome licked all of it and claimed it as his)).
Stuffing all they could in bags of holding and literally as weighed down as they could be and still expect teleport to work, they teleported in two shifts back to Sandpoint.
Ah, Sandpoint, it’s been a while.
Now that they were back, and outside of Runeforge, they felt hungry and no doubt tired. Seeking some comfort, they woke up (probably everyone) but definitely… Keiko? Kiki? Miko? Akiko? Chihiro? Suki? Yoko? Choko? Emiko? Fuji? Sashimi? Teppanyaki? Ameiko!
Yes, Ameiko, the proprietess of the Rusty Dragon, who has a soft spot for adventurers she is surely now regretting was woken at 4am because Dagfinn was very hungry and wanted some food more than he wanted to remember her name.
That’s pretty much where we left them, staggering into some clean beds at the Rusty Dragon after a grueling few weeks since they last slept in beds.

How Dagfinn sees Ameiko Kaijitsu

How Paizo sees Ameiko Kaijitsu.

Easy peasy: Halvard for his heroic Carping of his Diem and rushing the last two Mummies while his Divine Power spell was still up.