Meet Don Brook

Got Don painted today, after a long weekend of doing much more strenuous and drunken things. He’s another in what I suppose is going to be a long line of Jim Oliver-painted miniatures that are almost completely brown.

I didn’t really notice until I started painting the details that there’s sort of a mold line and misshapen eyebrow combination that drops the eyebrow down and sort of obliterates the one eye. It was too late to reshape it at all, so I just kind of went with it and “closed” his messed up eye to make it look like he’s taking aim to whip his returning throwing knife.

3 Comments on “Meet Don Brook

  1. The inking worked out well on that, all the folds on the shirt work without it looking blousy.

    I should buy you some primary colours for your birthday.

  2. I don’t know if having more pots of primary colors would change the decisions I make when I’m actually sitting at the table.

    I mean, for fuck’s sake… look at the scarf–that’s obviously on there to add some visual variety against the armor. I painted it gray!

    There’s a couple other little touches on there that make this a little less monochromatic than Lonny was (a couple different colored pouches on the belt, light colored bow and red accents on handles…).

    Turns out I just like earth tones.

  3. I figured you were letting Marley choose the colour scheme – “He’s brown! Like a sunset!”. It actually works fairly well since you chose the Earth Domain as your Druid focus thing.

    I only just noticed the red handle, so maybe I’m not the most astute critic of colour.