I don’t think of them as victims, now that I am one.

Finally got all the investigators for Mansions of Madness painted. Good project to get done, expecially before moving on to the monsters, which are in smaller batches and are more interesting to paint. Painting women’s shoes is a bitch: this I learned.

I didn’t indulge in too many fiddly bits, although I think each character has at least one nice little touch to them that I spent a bit longer on. The scale, quality and even the plastic of the models differs quite a bit. Some (the newer ones) are perfect, with plenty of well thought-out sculpts, while the older ones are a bit flimsy, small and lacking detail.

This collection (and certainly the rest of the monsters and foes) would pretty well complement a regular paper and pen game of Call of Cthulhu, but I’m hoping they look good on the Mansions tiles.

Sidebar: sent on from Jonathan, in case you need reassurance that you have not, in fact, been wasting your time.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PaHJqpQnyw]