We’ll see how this goes: Plot Twists

I picked up two sets of cards from Tower – the Chase cards that I’ve been waiting for and the Plot Twist cards that I’ve been mildly interested in, but not too bothered about.

The chase mechanism is easy enough: You chase your quarry across X number of cards. Move ahead one card if you successfully pass one of the two tests on the card or gamble on trying to move two cards ahead with a chance of getting mired on the current card. Should be fun and a cool way to make a quick mini-game out of chases. That’ll come up whenever there is a chase, I suppose.

The Plot Twist cards, now that I’ve read how they work kind of make more sense to me now. Each card has a Black plot twist and four brown twists.

The black twists are mechanical. Retrieve an item as a free action, get +20 to a diplomacy check, target gets -10 perception for 1 round, etc. They absolutely happen as written on the card.

The brown twists are supposed to work like this: You play the card, and describe how you envision your brown twist happens. Then I try to fit it into the story, which almost inevitably means I’d have to limit your idea. I don’t really like the concept of asking for a creative idea and then whittling it down or shooting it down completely. It might work in completely free-form games, but in games where the plot is large or tightly controlled I really don’t think it will work.

Anyway, you get a card when you level up and one whenever you win the Compleat Adventurer. When you play the card it goes back in the deck. Makes sense?