There Goes the Neighborhood

Salon has an article about men in their 30’s and 40’s playing D&D. Does this make us hipsters? Fuck it does doesn’t it? Shit we play Pathfinder too so we’re even more hipsters. Goddamn it so much!

5 Comments on “There Goes the Neighborhood

  1. Its in Salon, so not only are we hipsters, we’re gay as well.

    Nah, I’m just kidding, you’re alright kid. That was actually a pretty good article.

  2. But but, we liked it before it was cool. And we play a game most folks probably haven’t heard- oh crap. We are hipsters.

  3. Yeah, what’s this “rediscovering” bullshit?

    22 years and counting, part-timers.

  4. This is how it works. Something new comes out, but it only attracts the smart but socially challenged youngsters. Those socially challenged youngsters grow up, infiltrate the institutions that decide trends, and that new thing, now established, becomes cool. Why do these socially challenged youngsters set out to do so? So that they may pass down there genes by rewriting the social standards of desirability and thus ensuring their status as the ruling class. They do it to get laid and to shove it in the faces of all those goddamn jocks and cool kids who fucked with them on a day to day basis. Who’s laughing now, motherfuckers?! haHahaHa Who’s laughing now?!

  5. Keep in mind what Matt describes is not always a good thing. This is why they play jazz on NPR after all.