New Character Ideas

When my character dies or retires I’m going to roll up a new character.  That character will be a Halfling wizard.  His name will be Ronald James and he will have a tiger familiar named Dio.  Ronald will be the master of illusion and color spray will be his calling card.  He will have an interesting character flaw in that his eyes will be all black. People will talk about how evil they are.  While many will agree that his actions match this trait these people are looking through the world with Judeo Christian glasses.  Ronald has a more modern Nietzschian outlook on life.  He will move heaven and hell in his quest for knowledge.  He will not be stuck last in line.

5 Comments on “New Character Ideas

  1. I see him as a Cleric.

    /cast Water Breathing
    /cast Holy Aura

    Spend 2 hours per level in the midnight sea.

  2. Man, Gnomish Druid with a wolf animal companion, called Danzig.

  3. Yeah I suppose it was Ozzy who sang the Wizard. I can’t really see Dio as a cleric though. Holy Diver just doesn’t come off as a pro religion song not that I can tell you what they mean. I do know that if there was a wizard war between Ozzy and Dio, Dio would win. He’s gained Ben Kenobi like powers now that he has passed on.

  4. Yeah, Dio would win: I see Ozzy as a CON 18 Wizard who took INT as a dump stat.

  5. You’re spot on with the constitution score. It’s really all Ozzy has going for him aside from his ring of summon guitar shredder.