The hat isn’t on: he isn’t singing.

IMG_1659 IMG_1659

There is a lot going on here; stripes, tartan, buttons, spikes, scrimshawed bagpipe drones, red hair and one hell of a mustache. It took me a bit of willpower not to add any leopard print. Again the lighting in my house is weird. In comparison to the Reaper miniatures, which appear to be the result of a “Hey, you sculpted a miniature, shit, we’ll cast it for you!”, the Privateer miniatures are really, really well done. Very clean construction, even if the designs themselves are kind of bonkers… Where does one buy a one-armed coatee with giant buttons?

I went with the striped trousers and I really kind of like them. They’re probably not to everyone’s taste, but they’re the sexiest damn trousers I’ve ever painted. Instead of metal pipes with metal decoration, I went for carved horn. I figure metal pipes were probably just made in a pipe factory. But something of equivalent size, in ivory? That must have a story behind it.

3 Comments on “The hat isn’t on: he isn’t singing.

  1. Dude. You really, really need to start a Warmachine faction. That guy looks like a million bucks.

    That tartan really knocks that guy over the “merely great” bar. I don’t know where you get the patience to do shit like that. I can see in my head how it works, but it would take my hands hours to get it done and keep it straight.

  2. That line of Mercenaries that Privateer does is phenomenal. Slightly too much Steampunk for most D&D, but you can find some gems in there that will work for a flavourful PC with a little conversion.

    Tartan is dead easy, all you need is to know the half-life of caffeine (5 hours) and plan accordingly. Having the Superbowl on in the background helps, for its soporific effects. Getting the right consistency of paint for painting straight lines is really the biggest thing. I painted tartan on those Napoleonics I used to play, so something so huge isn’t a problem.

    I’m not sure what that instrument is, but bagpipes usually have a chanter hanging down upon which the notes are played. Dagfinn is playing notes on the pipe that puts air into the bag. I’m just saying, that’s some mysterious instrument right there. My mind, it boggles,.. trying to figure out how an imaginary instrument plays.