The Acts of the Lords of Rannick, XCIII


Just a brief recap as the party is still in the midst of the wizard-fight. It was some hectic stuff, so my recollection may not be pristine.
After taking down the Rune Giant, which had been knocked to the ground and hacked to pieces by Viorian and Arradin, the two Storm Giants were suddenly free of their domination and roared in anger. Arradin flew up and over the Prismatic Wall, landing beside Karzoug, ignoring the Repulsion spell he cast to try to keep her away. Both Tersplink and Kerplak also got themselves above the wall, albeit by very different, yet true to type ways.
Halvard attempted to get through the wall, casting his fancy schmancy domain spell Anti-Magic Field, instantly becoming Karzoug’s least favourite person on the planet. Plane. Whatever. That said, Anti-Magic Field did not help Halvard get through the wall… in fact, it was like he’d run into a brick wall. So maybe something more going on there than Prismatic Wall…
Meanwhile, Ron was examining the Runewell and the large gem floating above it. And by examining it, I mean hitting it. The Way of The Inquisitive Fist. He also talked the angel into having a go, which she did and between them they were able to elicit some nice sparks from the gem.
Back at the action, Karzoug released his intelligent flying douchebag Glaive, which leaped up and shot a fireball over the wall, doing nothing much other than alert everyone that this Glaive can fireball them. Meanwhile the Runelord himself stepped back and put Arradin in a Forcecage. Then he Dimension Doored to the far end of the room…plane… whatever… as everyone was converging on his position.
Somehow Tersplink freed Arradin, but I don’t recall how… was it Halvard? I can’t remember…
Albedon targetted Karzoug and managed to pierce his spell resistance and due to a quirk in the magic, briefly sent Karzoug out of the plane… he reappeared and cast Wail of the Banshee, the insanely painful sound dropping both Kerplak and Albedon, fortunately to the non-magma portion of the floor. I thought Matt roleplayed the part of someone with perforated eardrums really well.
Viorian Dekanti and Ayruzi the Planetar rushed to fight the Runelord, while Ron, Dagfinn and Halvard were pretty much right on top of him, Halvard’s Anti-Magic Field covering the Runelord in horrible, stultifying mundanity. That’s a belter of a spell.
Arradin and Tersplink are on the other side of the Prismatic Wall, at which the Storm Giants are hacking.
The fight continues…


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  1. As far as I can tell from email-archaeology, Tuesday April 13th 2010 was when we started this campaign…