Support My Local Games Store.

Tower Games is being reorganised to be a bit leaner and a bit more profitable. So the owner is clearing out a bunch of stuff with a sale.

Anyway, pretty much everything is 10% off, with some boardgames at more than that. Importantly, this discount stacks with the discount you already get from your discount card. Other stuff has a deeper discount: The Paizo card decks were 35% off which is pretty rad… for me. Although at those prices, why not by the adventure gear deck. Or a bunch of potion cards for Kerplak’s various crazy potions.

No? Fine. Anyway my point is that stuff is cheap in there just now. Buy up birthday and christmas presents, treat yourself, buy gifts for strangers. Hell, just go in and buy decent dice that can be read from a distance of more than 10″. That’ll change your luck.

The sale goes until next Sunday.


One Comment on “Support My Local Games Store.

  1. Yeah, I treated myself to a new caster for my Warmachine army yesterday, and I’m not sure that’s going to be enough.