Shadowrun Returns

Shadowrun is an awesomely stupid setting when you think about it. Fortunately, my opiate receptors are open to awesome and ¬†unresponsive to stupid, so I’ve been enjoying the hell out of Shadowrun Returns, a Kickstarted single-player RPG available for $20 on Steam. I think you probably would too.


The interactions are all text based, and the portrait art isn’t to my liking but the story takes you right back to the early 90s Shadowrun games of yore and the tileset is quite lovely. Remember when all early 90s games had to come up with their own slang. Planescape was right into that too… Anyway, action is free in a point-n-click way until combat starts in which case it suddenly becomes an Action Point/turn based game.


Anyway, that’s enough review. This isn’t going to play itself…

3 Comments on “Shadowrun Returns

  1. Is that game an update of the SNES game, or is it kind of its own thing?

  2. Hey-
    i just got it sunday! me likey loads too! aw the memories of the early early 90’s just flooded back, sooo many d6’s….hehehe

  3. Daaaaaaaaave!

    Yeah, I think it is an update of the SNES game – the old one. There was a more recent one that kind of put a nail in the Shadowrun franchise… I think it was a FPS.

    But this seems a lot like a Grid- and Turn-based RPG of old, just dressed up nicely.

    And yes, it IS reminiscent of the paper-and-pen game; it translates well so that if you know the Shadowrun rules, you have a good idea how everything fits together.