Saturday is… Games Day!!!

All day game-fest planned this Saturday!
We are starting at 09.00 and we will go on till it becomes Sunday…
WWI Wings of War, Cosmic Encounter, possibly Galaxy Truckers and others too.
Yes I am excited! Watch this space for a full photo report!

3 Comments on “Saturday is… Games Day!!!

  1. Tally ho, boldly go and keep on trucking respectively. If anyone manages to build a spaceship that uses all the squares and has no open ports, be sure and photograph it so we can set up a game vs our Galaxy Truckers phenom, Sean.

  2. Okay, now I think that a game of Galaxy Truckers became too heated and everyone killed each other over whether you can have forward pointing guns two spaces behind an open port.

  3. Hey! We are all still alive and we had the usual really great games day / night!
    You are not far off though – good helping of drink fuelled in-game whining, moaning, bleating, bickering and bitching…
    I am waiting till I get the photos from RM, DS and SH then a full “report” will follow…
    (Risk Legacy (5 player), WoW WWI 2 seaters / altitude and then Cosmic Encounter).