So mysterious

I took David seriously when he said he wanted minis starting out pretty unimpressive, then moving up from there. I bought a series of not-super-wizardy-looking robe-wearers to represent Orny. This guy is what you get when you input “robe & knife” in the Reaper figure finder, and I think he’ll do for a couple levels.

Everything about this mini is simple except for photographing it, but I think I painted him in two 10-minute sittings while I was priming closet doors for the nursery. The other, fancier minis I bought to graduate Orny to I’m going to take a lot more care with.

4 Comments on “Orny

  1. I like that the Witch class lets you use what would in any other game be “the cultist” miniature.

    • I think reaper refers to it as an assassin, but he looks like he’s assassinating the bedsheet someone trapped him in, so… Ooooo. Scary.

      Also, David, do you have square bases or should I pick up a bag of them? I don’t have any.

  2. Jim has tossed down the painting gauntlet in two 10-minute sessions. I now have zero excuses to get a few colors on that badass custom Tengu miniature David made for me. I imagine it’ll be mostly dry-brushing some highlights. After all, as much as I’m already in love with Percy: the Next Generation I do realize that our mortal coils are far more frailer in our current campaign. I say this, maybe we should all just plan on trying to have the biggest, most glorious collection of characters in the group. Quoth Ser Matthew Pike, Death is this communion, now you realize.

  3. JIM: I have a bunch.

    Matt: That Percy ship mhas sailed, I’m painting it to show that Skaven to Tengu is not just viable, but suitable. Since I’m proving that, of course, it means I can make another one in line with your specifications and give that to you.

    Hurray for my expanding collection of Sarenrae Cleric Crow Men!