Numenera 2: Art Inspiration

Bryce wanted me to check to see if the website migration had worked, so rather than get stuck into a recap that may never materialize, I thought I’d post a few links to art stuff that I’d been mentioning on Sunday.

One of the many inspirations listed in the Numenera 1 book is Moebius. I mentioned him last Sunday because his stuff really is great and I’m always on the edge of pulling the trigger on a big fat coffee table book of Moebius art.

I mean, right?

Jean (Moebius) Giraud is dead now, died a few years ago but not without doing a little bit of a lot of stuff. He had a graphic novel, themed books, stand-alone projects and (I think) some animation. I almost prefer the works out of context though, especially when I’m trying to get inspired late on a Sunday afternoon.

If I had a sentence to try to describe the style, I’d say Tintin-meets-your-favourite-Prog-Stoner-Band’s-Album-Cover.

I’m reasonably certain Moebius inspired a lot of the look of Nausicaa, an earlier Miyazaki movie that’s also listed as an inspiration in N1. (I think Vampire:The Masquerade was the first to list its non-RPG influences. Bauhaus, sure, but Vaclav Havel… that was a curveball.)

Anyway I try to keep a rolling Pinterest flow of art that gets my thinkparts pumping because if I’m ever flummoxed for an idea I can often fall back on something I’ve seen or, hopefully, come up with something new that’s egged on by the themes and style of the artwork. Berenock owed its weird hat-based hierarchy to a couple of atmospheric pieces on Pinterest an that played out into a cool addition. It’s a great place to sift through for character art, too, if you’re too coward to draw your own character.

Inspiration for the Sheep Station in Cypher Deadlands. I think this was by Erikas Perl.

My current Art-Crush though is Cosimo Galluzzi, who does some stupendous work, a lot of character stuff very much in keeping with Moebius’ aesthetic. Really enjoy his stuff.

Anyway, check out Pinterest for neat ideas and check out Moebius just to make your life better. And if you find cool stuff let me know!