Meet Ron Towin

Okay… Ron’s painted.


Backstory on Ron is that he was a wandering monk who’d been taught the Drunken Fist and Quarterstaff Master styles before his monastery was wiped out (like all of them always are). He managed to survive and escape, then spent the succeeding years wandering from town to town gambling to keep himself in good spirits… barrels of good spirits.

After fifteen years of playing games of chance he eventually saw the light of Abadar, realizing that chance was only part of the games he’d been using to sustain himself in his journeys. Abadar taught him that the systems and rules that govern games of chance were what was keeping the madmen and drunks he was surrounded by from simply murdering each other for their money.

He’s early in his career of studying the lord of laws, but he’s also still devoted to his lifestyle of alcohol abuse and not permitting bad things to happen to reasonable people. He occasionally joins adventuring parties to ply his martial trades, and it was on one of those jaunts for fame and fortune that he confronted the Mouth of Winter. The Mouth killed most of his compatriots, but he and a couple survivors made it through the portal… but none ever came out.

Not yet, anyway.

5 Comments on “Meet Ron Towin

  1. Thanks. If there’s one thing I know how to do when I’m painting miniatures it’s highlight a dark grey-blue with a much, much lighter grey-blue.

    I bought a bunch of models just to get the Reaper Minis free shipping, so I’ve been trying out some new stuff techniques on the lot of them. Tattooing with ink, layering brown and green to get bronze, getting really tarnished-looking steel armor…

    On this one you can see I tried to make the potion on his belt look like a thick square glass bottle by highlighting the edges on the corners, and I completely fucked it up. Learning!

  2. That looks nice – the robes are really good. It’s not a stand out colour, but the shading works to make it interesting looking. That is a cracking miniature.

    • Yeah, I was looking at it last night and I think I did the color inside-out… He might be cooler looking if I base with the grey and wash it to bring out all the details like the folds in the robe and the holes and patches. That stuff doesn’t come out very clearly.

      I might be giving myself a second chance at painting this guy.

      • BUY TWO. I’ve done that before with now-long forgotten Marco, my Fighter. A gear upgrade necessitated a slightly different paint job. With all the plastic accessories downstairs, and greenstuff just sitting around not-making-mustaches I could pretty much make a level-customizable character…

        Whatever you did photographs well. It was probably harder work than inking, but the highlights look smooth, fabric like.