I still paint 40k miniatures you know.

Left: Admiral Manthony Dash-Hyphen; the guy who stops your dudes from arriving. Mostly by making them feel small with his superior mannerisms.

Middle: Sanctioned Astropath; enjoys good wine, cool jazz, walks on the beach and staring into the timeless fire of the Empyrean with his third eye.

Right: Well, she isn’t 40k… This saucy lady was a old miniature that had been sitting awaiting a paint job for a while. She was an old GW mini and I can’t remember if she came out with their roleplaying stuff or if she was one of the miniatures for Talisman. The only other Talisman miniature I have is the Zulu, not to be mistaken for the Zulu Halfling miniatures I have. Maybe I’ll paint him next.

3 Comments on “I still paint 40k miniatures you know.

  1. The layering on the two old-guy faces is awesome. Amazing depth there.

  2. There is this vicious rumor going around that the Tau are going to actually get updated before the Necrons. I’m not sure if that means anything, because the rumors I’ve received come from “sources” at Tower. But I do know that even though part of me will be pissed that the Necrons will still be (un)dead to me, maybe a new Tau codex would get you back to the grim, dark future, David. The world needs you to paint more crisis suits.

    Nice looking paint jobs, as usual. Admiral Dash-Hyphen looks excelsior.