Gardeners of the White Rose 4

After a regroup, a little rest and some healing everyone realized that they hadn’t explored all of the Bastard’s hideout.  THERE COULD STILL BE TREASURE THERE!!!!  So joined with new recruit Gaius (Human Cleric of Iomeda) they headed back to find to the hideout.  What did they find there? 
The dogs were feasting on a tiefling corpse cold cut tray that the party had so thoughtfully left out for them.  As grateful as the dogs were they were not interesting in sharing.  Gregory shot one of them and that turned out to be a bad idea.  The pack attacked in force.  Battle lines and were drawn and the attrition started right away.  Gaius and Gregory were taken down but not without taking some with them.  Bulgav, barely standing, was left alone with two dogs he quickly took out one then went several rounds of missing with the last dog.  They were both a hit away from death when Blugav slashed out with his offhand weapon and caught the dog square in the head. 
No treasure! Keep going!
Down then went into the basement of the hideout.  The remaining Bastards saw them coming though and once again Gregory took the first blows from their sneak attacks.  He was down soon after that but Gaius and Bulgav were able to finish them off. 
Shitty treasure!  Keep dying!  Fuck this!
So they left to visit and Areal, head cleric in charge, to replenish their now depleted potion stock and see what was up with the Gardeners of the White Rose.  Turns out they had a visitor, Ailyn Ghontasavos, who had a something to discuss with them.  Ailyn is a Pathfinder.  The Pathfinder Society has been outlawed in Cheliax since the Thrice Damned House of Thrune took power.  Their lodge in Westcrown has been locked up and abandoned even longer.  Ailyn believes that the key to making Westcrown’s streets safe from the shadow beasts that stalk the night time streets.  The lodge, known as Delvehaven, has been magically warded and the streets surrounding it are regularly patrolled.   She has an idea to get in though and that is where the Gardeners come in. 
The mayor of Westcrown loves opera.  His favorite type of opera is known as the murder play which is part play part blood sport.  The most famous of all murder plays The Six Trials of Larazod is going to be put on soon.  If the party would get cast in this performance, and live to tell the tale, they would almost certainly get invited to the inevitable celebration feast (for which the mayor is famous) at the mayor’s home.  Everyone said they were in and as luck would have it got cast.
Haanderthan – An Infernal Judge – Thessing Umbero Ulvano (whom the party met once after rescuing Areal)
Ilsandra – An Infernal Judge – Larazod’s Love Interest – Calseinica Nymmis an up and coming starlet
Larazod – A Tiefling on Trial – Gregory
Dentris – Larazod’s mentor and old wizard – Amay Kaijitsu (Gardener of the White Rose)
Tybain – Paladin of Aroden, comic relief – Gaius (when the day of the performance came this role was filled by his understudy Fiosa, also a Gardener, as Gaius was suffering from a sinus infection that prevented him from properly projecting)
Drovalid – A Jailor and Torturer – Bulgav