Every Friday, Paizo has been unveiling the pre-painted shitty rubber miniatures that they are releasing through Wizkids or whatever that company is that makes the rubbery pre-painted shitty miniatures about which I am an enormous snob.

After initially really liking the cell-shaded kind of aesthetic of their Cleric PC miniature, I’ve been increasingly disappointed with their other releases. But they started doing boxed sets for Adventure Paths, because apparently Wizkids can knock these buggers out at a phenomenal rate.

Still not too impressed until today’s offerings. Holy shit:

Whoever is responsible for translating the artwork from the AP to the finished miniature deserves a goddamned promotion. That’s a damn impressive Stone Giant.

You’d still run into the problem of needing a dozen of these to simulate any fight around Jorgenfist, but damn. That’s nice.

3 Comments on “Fuuuuu…

  1. Is that for a collectible minis game?

    If my experience with the Mechwarrior minis is anything to go on, then ebay is going to be a treasure trove for this stuff in five years when the game gets discontinued and people start selling off lots of a thousand of these things for $30.

  2. Current GW and Reaper miniatures work out close to 1:50 scale.

    GI Joe figure were 1:18, so this MastoDon would be… substantial.

    Also, I like the SmiloDon miniature.