Wings of War aerodrome takes shape…

So further to an earlier (possibly a little over excited) Wings of War related post, I update you with my WW1 aerodrome as it now starts to come together!



The muster has so far drawn planes to Scotland from a multitude of auctions and hobby / games stores in England, Germany, Italy, France and Finland. More are planned to join from the USA and Canada… Just need some more money!!

I have also invested in two carry cases from KR Multicase, and I would highly endorse the quality and value of their custom products for carrying any fragile / painted minatures or vehicles.
I still however have two burning issues yet to solve:
Game mats? There are some ‘original equipment’ mats that recently have become available in the ‘Mecca’ of gaming that is MSP, from ebay store “LotusVault”, however I also like the idea of trying to make my own. Perhaps on green carpet tiles??

One guy has made an awesome custom mat himself and has made the image file available online. However what to print it on to and where to get such a big print out done is then an issue…

Custom Mat

The other question I am wrestling with is do I give into the temptation that is the new heavy bombers just released… They look totally amazing and are easily 4 or 5 times larger than the fighters. I also get a 20% discount on them as unlike everything else they are still in print and so not as ‘keenly’ sought after.
I have to get cracking as all must be mission ready for the last weekend in August when the Aerodrome commences first sorties… 7 of us away together gaming for three days solid!

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    I’d forgotten how garish some of the paint jobs were on these. My uncle has always built and painted World War I planes and some of them were downright weird colour scheme. I did always love the mottled grey and blues of the German planes, like the heavy bomber behind the link.

    As far as Mats go, those green flocked mats you can buy at model railway stores are good. I had some that I never got around to using for 40k. Mounting it may be the difficult thing, that’s what kept me from using it. But it holds the flock well and you can scrape it off if you want a more “This-used-to-be-Belgium-now-it’s-just-mud-and-dead-guys” look.

    Are the flying stands pegged? I can’t wait to hear how this goes.

    If I had the funds, I’d be all over this like Tommy Atkins on a minefield…
    I’d buy it faster than Spadger bought it above the Ardennes…
    I’d be on this like mustache on a kraut…

    …what I’m saying is that I’d buy this game just to be able to talk like that.

    Also, wear goggles.

  2. I’ve seen people print big vinyl banners for games like this. It’s usually pretty easy to find high-rez aerial or satellite photography that can get printed on a 2-foot by 4-foot vinyl banner for something like $30 US. You just scale your photo and upload it to a site like and they’ll print and ship it for chump change.

    There’s got to be places in Poland or something where you could get that one banner done for 20 quid.