Warhammer 40K: Spare Marine – most feminist game of the year?

I read the following post and my head exploded.

Enjoy, as I pick up pieces of my brain matter.

9 Comments on “Warhammer 40K: Spare Marine – most feminist game of the year?

  1. Hmm. If this leads to plastic female guardsmen, I’ll be super happy. Guard are the only army with women that don’t get feminiatures.

    She kind of misses that Space Marines aren’t men. They are man-shaped killing machines. What the fuck would a Marine do with a woman that wasn’t platonic?

    Still glad to hear this has a story…

  2. This is another reason I prefer the grim darkness to Women On the Edge of Time.

  3. Did I tell you guys I’m eating nothing but peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast and lunch this week so that I can justify the expense of this game?

    It’s true.

    Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t most Imperial Guardspeople just man or woman-shaped brainwashed soldiers? I’m pretty sure the only race with any conception of gender in 40k is the Dark Eldar, and that’s just so they can properly contextualize whatever fetish the miniature is supposed to be evoking.

    • Goddammit. I should have called them “man or woman-shaped dying machines.”

    • If IG were brainwashed, you wouldn’t need a guy standing behind them with a bolt pistol threatening to blow their unwashed brains out if they don’t charge.

  4. They are pushing the hell of out this game in the UK (or at least the two towns I went to). I have seen no ads for it in the US. I wondering if the UK is a nerd Mecca.

  5. Tried the free demo; super fucking hard.
    Figured out how I get life back; super fucking awesome and still hard.

    Looks cool, I may pick it up if I skip FIFA12.

    • I think my excitement for Space Marine is preventing me from enjoying Deus Ex as much as I might. All this hiding behind boxes so nobody shoots you before you can punch them in the balls is fine, but… Chainswords.