Talk amongst yourselves, I’ve got dust in my eye…

The Pathfinder Beginner’s set arrived just before I did, meaning I could have saved $50 on shipping if I had just brought the damn thing over. Oh well.

The kids have been on at me to play “Pathfinders”, so when we finally had time, I managed to get a wee play session in. I spitballed some shenanigans afoot beneath the Rusty Dragon and in Ameiko’s absence, the two brave Parklets stepped up to call of adventure.

Using the Valeros and Kyra pre-mades, they ventured down into the cellar and fought their first rat problem. The quality and clarity of the boxed set is excellent, but this is right at the boundary of Alexander’s reading and mathematics abilities and maybe a bit beyond Ruby at the moment. Happens to the best of us though, eh Noe? Still, the basic concept they understood as they played and by the end they were debating where they could rest so that the cleric could get her spells back and formulating an armour-stack on Valeros the fighter to act as tank.

They managed to dispatch a Dire Rat (not a Dryer Rat, as Roobs thought it was), six skeletons (three in one single Channel – boom!) and a Skeleton Champion (Power Attack critical), they’d identified a magic potion, found a locked chest and been shot by a trapped door. They had a blast. We’ll try to get some more in today.

Looking back on it, this is a great way for anyone to learn how to play PF as it covers the basics very well without cutting vital stuff out.

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