Screw it, I’ll just paint cloaks from now on.

IMG_1687 IMG_1688

This little lady standing in awful light is Shalelu Andosana. Yes, it is worth buying a Shalelu miniature. (She needs another coat of puirty seal to smooth everything out, I think. Then maybe I’ll post a half-way decent picture. – EDIT, this is the second set of pictures, turns out capturing light is easier when there is more to capture).
I picked up the Iconic Alchemist mini too. The scale on Pathfinder minis seems a bit off. They seem smaller than the regular Reaper minis and vary a lot. The Half-Orc Assassin (an assassin who is a Half-orc, not an Assassin who specializes in killing Half-Orcs, for anyone else who, as a child, was confused by the Boston Strangler) has barely more meat on his bones than Ms. Andosana here.