Kerplak! Aaaaa-ah!


He accidentally-blew-up every one of us!

The lighting in my house is remarkably dim and yellow, so I sharpened this very slightly.

I added two grenades and a repeater-crossbow-bolt cartridge. I wasn’t sure how to paint Kerplak. On one hand, he is a rogue, so it makes sense for him to be dressed in dark colours. Sadly, this is totally boring to look at so not only is it less fun to paint but following the Gnome fluff in Pathfinder it would actually kill him.

Gnomes have to see interesting things otherwise they suffer something called The Bleaching, a slow fading from the world caused by boredom. This leads them to be inventive, curious and a little off the wall. Since that doesn’t really fit with wearing black every day, I wanted a dark colour with a bit of flair, so I gave him a green jacket and boots with some flashy trim.

The red hat? That’s just a harmful racist stereotype that I’m wantonly reinforcing.

3 Comments on “Kerplak! Aaaaa-ah!

  1. It’s really fun painting single, one-off miniatures, isn’t it?

    • It’s way less tedious than painting 50 pairs of black guardsman boots.