Jim’s Bones came

I had to do some painting and removing of some last furniture and crap from the nursery tonight, and let me tell you having that box of dozens and dozens of miniatures you want to leaf through is great motivation to get that crap out of the way.

Anyway, everybody should have a look at what’s contained in the thing, because if you want something I’ll gladly trade it for beer or chinese food or one of our other common currencies.

I don’t know about Mike, but I had to indulge in some extras because it seemed crazy not to get some super cheap paints and a nifty little figure case for hardly any money. Oh, and you say you’d like to see the huge Cthulhu sculpt as well? Next to a 28mm figure and a wine bottle to give you some idea of the scale of it? I can do that.

Yeah, he's a big'n.

Yeah, he’s a big’n.

I got things sorted out into a small box of scenery/critters/goblins for quick paint breaks, and two bigger Tupperware shoebox-sized bins, one filled with monsters and bad guys and the other filled with potential characters. I don’t really know what more I can do to organize them effectively beyond buying some card catalog shelves, but I’m going to start screwing around painting a couple to have something interesting to say about how easy the resin is to work with and paint.

I don’t know if that was necessarily money well spent, but I’m pretty sure I’m done buying minis for D&D for a couple years at least.

8 Comments on “Jim’s Bones came

  1. my stuff is in — I’ve done little beyond check the strength and quality. I did vampire level and added the orkocalypse add-on. So far things look good in terms of the sculpts, but most of the plastic/resin that I’ve checked out is SOFT. SOFT AND BENDY. Every weapon I’ve bent bends easily or was already bent.

    I’m thankful to have all the weapons from 40k, because that’s a harder, less bendy plastic.

    I am a happy customer. They haven’t exited the box yet.

  2. I had to screw around with them some last night. Couldn’t resist. The Reaper forums have some really good community faqs about working with the plastic, and it looks like people are pretty pleased with how easy it is to re-shape with hot water.

    The softness of the plastic makes me think it’ll be pretty easy to stiffen things up by just pushing pins from shirts or something into them. I’m going to mess with that some tonight.

    Another thing I learned from those faqs is how painting hydrophobic PVC means you have to dilute paints really differently on that first coat. That’s very true, and once you figure it out they become a million times easier to paint.

  3. Goddamn it, I wish I had done this.

    I mean, I’m glad I didn’t, but I wish I had. That kind of deep regret would have come with a bunch of cool miniatures.

  4. I’m definitely interested in two-weapon lady pirate and the swamp things.

    If you figure out what that is in Chinese Food, I’ll make that happen.

    • You’re good at naming steampunk rockabilly acts.

  5. That is one fine Cthulhu mini. I don’t suppose that Owl Bear would be a suitable stand in for the Tengu. If only they had a tiny owl bear. An owl cub? Ok. I should get back to work.

  6. That’s what Tengu Leather-Daddies look like.

    There are so many good minis in this batch, some just resin versions of miniatures I already liked.

    I’m glad they included so many familiars, I’m sad that none of them is a goat.

    So is that all the Bones delivered in one splurge?

    • Yeah, they all come in one drop. Between all the minis in the Vampire package and all my additions it was a 6-pound package that got delivered.