Gardeners of the White Rose 3

After some down time Bulgav and Gregory stopped by the Bruised Eel to see their friend Yakapulio the bar owner and pimp. After a few drinks Yakapulio asked if they know who the Bastards of Erebus are. Gregory, being from the streets, knew that them as a gang of Teiflings known for robbing local businesses. Their calling card is leaving behind a wooden token with the face of Mammon carved on it. Yakapulio explained that last night the severity of their crimes escalated. The Bastards had robbed a local armorer killing him and his wife in the process. Yakapulio wants the Gardeners to do something about it but because of internal politics doesn’t want bring it up herself.

Bulgav and Gregory took the hint and the next day swung by the Shrine of Aroden. Areal, leader of the Gardeners, knew of the Bastards in fact Janiven had been scouting their HQ. Armed with her reconnaissance and some potions brewed by Areal they headed off.
The Bastards were holed up in an old temple of Erastil in a part of town that was abandoned shortly after Aroden’s death blew up most of the neighborhood. Using day light to their aid the party, joined by Janiven was able to sneak up to the door of the temple. Gregory picked the lock and peeked inside. What he saw was several Bastards asleep on the floor along with their dog. After a passed sneak check and a review of the coup de grace rules and Gregory was able to off about half of the thugs before waking up the last two. The rest was an easy mop up.
A hatch in the floor led them down to the basement of the church. Here the party discovered a more organized group of Bastards. As Gregory was rounding a corner he was caught off guard and peppered full of crossbow bolts. It was one on one fighting in a tight hallway until Blugav was able to drop a tiefling and push into a gap. Once they had to face the full party in melee the Bastards were quickly overwhelmed.
As they continued through the basement the stone walls gave way to freshly dug tunnel. This is where the party met their match in a giant of a tiefling named Dravano the Digger. Upon seeing them Dravano clawed at the ground. Bulgav and Janiven bravely rushed in while Gregory lurked on the periphery wanting to flank. Dravano doesn’t hit much, it is me rolling after all, but when he does he packs a dual clawed whollup. The party was able to put a good chunk of damage on him but Bulgav and Janiven both fell. Dravano than grappled Gregory and began to try and rip him in two. Gregory was able to break free though. Frozen in a moment of fight or flight panic he finally lashed out criticalling Digger and killing him.
This was not the big bad evil guy they were looking for though and after healing up they found themselves facing off with Palaveen a cleric of Asmodeous and leader of the Bastards.
I was surprised how well this fight went compared to the fight against the Digger. The party rushed Palaveen and encircle him. Palaveen could make a concentration check to save his life and was soon down. Amongst the treasure the party found an interesting note:
Palaveen, while we appreciate the work of your Bastards, the Council never intended this associations to be anything more than that. We shouldn’t need to remind you that if your tiring applications continue, well need to solve its problem in a manner less concerned with your health.
The party left soon after this leaving some of the hideout unexplored. A careful log of the Bastards loot allowed them to identify where certain items were stolen from. The party chose to return these items as best they could gaining some goodwill.

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  1. Can anyone explain to me what happened to my lovely paragraphs?

  2. Yeah, it is something to do with the default format. When you start a post put everything in the address format – I think that is the one that is in italics.

    When it is published it won’t be in italics, but your paragraphs will stay.

  3. Good write up, btw, keep ’em coming!

    Tieflings were introduced as a playable race in the 2nd paizo AP. I always like Tieflings in previous editions – what would you think of them as PCs in Pathfinder?

  4. I have much love for Planescape and a lot of that love has to do with Tieflings. If I recall correctly though in Planescape they didn’t necessarily have infernal blood in them just some planer other. I like that a little more as I think they come off as inherently evil in the Pathfinder material I’ve read. I think it would be hard to not to fall into the standard drow tropes while playing them. That being said I think we should, nay must, have them as a playable race. How else are we going to hear the full story of the love child of Albedon and that succubus?