Who is the admin here?

Dear sir admin,
Wordpress 3.1.3 is available

2 Comments on “Who is the admin here?

  1. Admin is now a working stiff. He probably has an In Box now and I think this site will be at the bottom of it.

  2. Will I update the site to WordPress 3.1.3? Probably not. Maybe. It’s not hard, just a little tedious. Will the site suffer if I don’t? Probably not. Unlikely. No one is plug-in crazy and the amount of traffic we get is teeny tiny, so the little security patches and big fixes offered between versions won’t really impact the site.

    And if I know WordPress, they have 3.1.4 or 3.2 ready to deploy the moment I upgrade our site to 3.1.3. Yeah, those WordPress guys have it in for me. What a bunch of assholes.