Fuck the update, here is some Worf news.

Captain Worf series a possibility.
Man, without EVERYONE crushing Worf’s every suggestion, the galaxy will be a very different, more Worf-ravaged place. watch?v=edflm7Hh3hs
Which, it turns out, I’m excited about almost as much as the Arrested Development movie:

3 Comments on “Fuck the update, here is some Worf news.

  1. The animated .gifs tell their own tale. I’m glad you found the one with Worf snapping that dude’s neck. Makes me want to watch that episode, since that is some cold-blooded bad-assery on Worf’s part.

  2. The episode of DSN is called “Strange Bedfellows.” And sadly, its just a stupid clone he kills. Seems less like murder when the bad guy is just going to come back as another clone. More like a knockout punch.

  3. Definitely not a stupid clone – every second that Weyoun is on screen talking you want someone to kill him. He dies all the time, fortunately, but it’s the casual way Worf ends him, while under guard, just because he said something mean to a woman that used to be a different woman that Worf was briefly married to that makes this great.