Not So Deep Thoughts

How come there are half orcs and half elves but not half dwarves, half gnomes or three quarterlings?

3 Comments on “Not So Deep Thoughts

  1. The size difference with halflings is too great, gnomes are too well known to enjoy employing the donkey punch, and there just isn’t enough ale in the multiverse for someone to end up in bed with a dwarf.

  2. midgets should be able to get it on with gnomes and halflings. and since some people will apparently sleep with anything, odds are pretty great that half-dwarves exist.

    they exist in dark sun anyway, where they’re called muls, and they are sterile.

  3. You can’t put a square peg in a round hole, unless you’re an Orc, then you just shove it in there.

    Tolkien made those rules, everyone else just goes along with them.