Not gaming related, but definitely dorky…

I’m super impressed by this casting:

Seriously, good eye, casting people.

Fingers on your buzzers… who will these actors be portraying?

The only one who is a bit off is the guy at the right end, but he’s a dick and wouldn’t give me an interview for the Uni paper when he played our student union.

13 Comments on “Not gaming related, but definitely dorky…

  1. i’m going to guess it’s the hobbit.

    or one of your weird fawlty towers / dr. who / the prisoner type series that are not famous here and nobody likes because they are not american and therefore no good.

    and if youdonlykitchookingeddowt


  2. Usual Suspects reboot?

    I really have no idea…

  3. You know damn well we don’t give a shit unless it has Ron Perlman as a sewer living lion man so cut the crap and tell us already.

  4. Really? Nobody? I thought they were pretty spot on. Like as close as you’d reasonably be able to get.

    If it helps, 1, 2, 3 and 5 are English actors, 4 is Welsh and 6 went to live in Canada when he was younger..

  5. Aww, you’ve proven me to be completely wrong…

    It is the cast of the movie about the making/release of The Life Of Brian.

  6. … turns out Mike was right all along…

  7. Now that you say it, though, it does look right.

    You got my hopes up for Zulu for a second.

  8. I’m pretty certain you couldn’t make Zulu today. Which is too bad.

    Unless you make it with aliens.