Faces of the Great One

Well. This is very slightly game related and this is certainly the only forum I could post it for anyone to get why it was notable.
My lady wife is currently out on a Hen night and I am sitting watching the unfolding horror (look up Norway’s entry for just one example) of the 2012 Eurovison Song Contest. Never heard of it America?? (I WONDER WHY…???)
This sparked a distant but very strong memory of being out in Edinburgh on a Eurovison night a good few years ago…
We were all in a pub with an open air drinking area with park style bench seats pleasantly warmed by patio heaters. It was late, so was dark, and under the clear star lit night we were enjoying cool foaming pints of Caledonian 80/-. The conversation was great.
A Hen night arrived, parked up next to us and proceeded to get more and more drunk. One particular young lady in their party was to put it mildly an absolute cracker. Stunning. 5′ 8″, medium build, long dark hair. She was dressed in a short black dress and ‘killer heel’ boots – as time passed I was unwillingly becoming transfixed. Then she and a few others started dancing and I got even more interested in her and less so in the conversations on our table.
What I did not know then was that those twinkling stars must have been ‘just right’ and she was openly worshiping the Great One himself in a heady mix of highly suggestive (and occasionally unstable…) moves.
Then it happened. Her temporary mortal ‘guise slipped. She suddenly stopped, stood bolt upright, then after jerking a few times she unleashed a 3 foot long (I seriously do not exaggerate at all) coiled dripping tongue (of spaghetti, sauce, red wine…) flexing, coiling and twitching from her till then perfect mouth.
That was bizzarre. But it kept errupting for nearly 10 whole seconds. (Just pause and silently count out ten seconds) Brief pauses where the flailing tougue drooped, then more power and the whipping quivering mass raised its menacing mass back up.
Never ever have I ever seen something so horrible, yet somehow even then so alluring. Cthulhu always gets you when you look. The clever bastard.
How close have you come to one of the Great Ones minions??
Was it a horrific mutation, their outright insanity, or a similar brief display of what they had hidden ‘inside’…? Discuss.
Oh my word. Romania have just plumbed new depths and totally murdered the use of all thing the bagpipes…

One Comment on “Faces of the Great One

  1. Wait, are you saying she swallowed the spaghetti barf or did it hit the ground? Dearie me, chew your food, hen.

    I’m really glad I missed this night out.

    I maintain that Hugo Chavez has a touch of Innsmouth about him.