Coming Soon- the Wokify app!

Dear Dodecaneers,

Dodecaheathens Laboratories is proud to announce that after years of R&D the Wokify app will finally be released! Visit the site this Thursday, April 16th, in the year of our Lord 2015, at dusk to witness history! No longer will gamers need to remember the arcane rules of rolling for one’s Fresh Wok order. Now godless science will cull the answer directly from the aether! Embrace the chaos and sup on the whims of chance!


  • Q: Will this app be downloadable from the App Store?

    A: No. It will descend from the bowels of this site’s taxonomy!
  • Q: Will it work on that sweet Gateway that got me through college in the 90’s?

    A: No. This app summons the power of ECMA-262’s 5th Edition and the fantastical phantasms of CSS3.
  • Q: Will it work on my iPhone?

    A: Of course, you twit.
  • Q: Will it work on my Apply Watch?

    A: Now your questions vex me!
  • Q: Will this app solve my quest to instantly decide what I should order from Fresh Wok?

    A: Indubitably.

So come back to the site this Thursday, in the shadows of the gloaming, and be the first Dodecaneer to let the fickle hand of fate decide what Chinese delicacy you stuff into your greasy pie hole!