Capsule Review of The Eagle: Pretty good, then kinda dull, then briefly but completely awful.

Way too much of this...

...not nearly enough of this.

On the upside; there were more infanticides in this movie than there were women with speaking parts.

The highlight for me may have been the druid that looked like he was also a guy who sold acid at Hawkwind gigs, maybe even from the same chariot.

I did however see the trailer for Your Highness, which looks like it might be kind of a blast.

Anyway, it strengthened the already substantial desire to play Britannia again. If two more people are willing to throw off the shackles of having to play wargames on a Sunday, we’ve got a game. Boardgames: the other tabletop game.

If you can commit to four hours and maybe having to be welsh for some of that time, you’re in.