Black Templars & Dark Angels Rejoice!

That’s right, you’re old as f#ck codexes are less awful!  Check it out:

New FAQs

Black Templars and Dark Angels now have updated Storm Shields, as well as a bevy of other updates that say “yeah, we want you to play these armies, but no, you aren’t getting a new codex.”  Newer dexes also have newer FAQs: Blood Angels, Space Wolves and Dark Eldar.  Now if they will just let us know when we can buy a Stormraven, Games Workshop may snake some more lucre from me.

2 Comments on “Black Templars & Dark Angels Rejoice!

  1. what, no new fluffy options for CSM?

    boooo! I want to play 40k again.

  2. I want you to play 40k again. Jesus, I want somebody to play 40k again! I saw a teenage guitar student at Twin Town with a Blood Angels codex. If I wasn’t in the middle of a lesson myself, I would have asked him if he wanted to play. Next weekend I’m buying a Stormraven, so you can bet your britches I’m going to be hurting to play again this month!