Tower Games, Part Deux.

I was in Tower recently buying a brush and I would have to say that the place has improved from its post-John slump. They’ve redesigned in such a way that leaves very little space for RPGs, but the selection of boardgames has bounced back . Not quite to the old levels, but solid none the less.
AAAAAAAND they’ve hired people who seem interested in exchanging their goods for money, as opposed to the guy who worked there who was really just there to paint and eat Cheetos.
I was hesitant to say it while it was in its post-John slump, but this gift-giving season won’t you Support Your Local Games Store.

4 Comments on “Tower Games, Part Deux.

  1. Seconded, better layout, streamlined selection and way better customer service. Now all they need is to sell croupier’s hooks.

  2. That is to say… Steel bottle opener with attached dice rake.